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Over a decade ago, Alan and Jeannie Hall donated a 1965 Ford Mustang to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office for the purpose of turning it into an anti-drug awareness car.  This contribution to the community was made with the hope that children would remember the car and the message it would promote, “The association of bad things that can happen in their lives by using drugs, and that by avoiding and staying away from the use of illegal drugs is the better choice.”  The Sheriff’s Office deeply appreciates the willingness of the Halls to part with this car that held so many fond memories in their lives.
Unfortunately, economic times took a downturn and the restoration work was never completed; however, Jeff and Rob Clark would later come to the rescue of the project.  As Rob and Sheriff Thompson met and got to know each other, they discovered they both had a common interest – the love of muscle cars and particularly the Ford Mustang.  Rob’s father, Jeff, also shared the same passion and as luck would have it, Jeff owned a muscle car restoration company and he was also a close, personal of Halls.  The rest is history!
The Clarks immediately began work on restoring this classic muscle car, transforming it from its worn, faded appearance into a beautiful, Sheriff’s Office, green color.  With its bright, metallic finish, the Mustang is a real eye catcher wherever it is driven.  Clark Custom Restorations, Brad Monroe, and Jess Olsen completed the fabulous restoration work on this incredible vehicle, and the Sheriff’s Office wishes to thank them for all their hard work.
In addition, several others donated valuable time and services to make this project happen, including Mark McFarland, Craig Butters, Justin Pulido, and Jeremy Hansen from Mark’s American Car Care Center; Brady Smith and Jason Harris from the Hi-Fi Shop; Kenny Wright from Grizzly Graphics; and Dave Gant and JR Hess from VLS Lighting.  The Sheriff’s Office greatly appreciates all those who contributed in providing such a great visual reminder for our kids to avoid harmful drug use. 
Watch for the Sheriff’s Office Mustang being driven by Sheriff Thompson this summer in many of our annual city parades and community celebrations!



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