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Weber County Corrections

Sheriff Terry L. Thompson – Bio

Sheriff ThompsonI was born October 25, 1962, raised in Roy, Utah, and graduated from Roy High School in 1980.  I worked for Southern Pacific Transportation Company and have worked nearly every piece of railroad track between Ogden, Utah, and Wells, Nevada.

In 1984, I was lucky enough to marry “up” in life and convinced the former Natalie Weaver of Roy that she could not go on in life without me.  Contrary to her better judgment, she gave in and has found herself stuck with me for eternity which she has no doubt since determined is a really long time.  Together Nat and I had 2 children Preston & Madison.  Our family has grown to include Preston & Emily Thompson (former Emily Gee of Brigham City, Utah) and 2 wonderful grandsons.  Madison is currently engaged to be married.

We moved from our home in Roy in 1994 to unincorporated Weber County north of Plain City.  (this move gave us a bit of property to keep a few horses) also, it was close to Smith & Edwards (the world’s greatest store).  More recently we moved into Plain City.  We have loved the area, wonderful neighbors, the open country, and raising our kids to adulthood.  Now, as many grandparents can say we enjoy wonderful grandkids and hope to have many more!  On any given spring/summer/fall day Nat and I ride our Harley for the enjoyment and relaxation found in cruising America’s incredibly beautiful countryside.  We enjoy backpacking & camping in Utah’s amazing outdoors, and I am a life-long fan of classic Rock & Roll music especially the band “BOSTON”.

I have spent the last couple of decades teaching and instructing citizens in various firearms use and deadly force training.  Specifically, Utah State Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) course of instruction and NRA courses – Basic Pistol, and Personal Protection in the Home.  Additionally, I instruct a Defensive Skills course designed to build marksmanship, gun handling, and mental preparation for the CCP holder.  I have enjoyed teaching many good folks interested in being prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones when danger knocks at the door.

I have written articles over the years, typically in support of our 2nd Amendment Freedoms.  I have had articles printed in the Weber State University Signpost, Utah Peace Officer Association Magazine, The Law Enforcement Alliance of America Magazine, Police 1, letters to the editor & guest commentaries in Utah newspapers.  I am passionate about protecting our constitutional freedoms & liberties as the inspired founding fathers of our great nation intended.

I am now in my 2nd term in office as your elected Sheriff and it has been an amazing journey.  I am excited to be in a unique position as elected Sheriff; to have a wider circle of influence in the protection of our constitution and individual freedoms.  I hope that each of us will do our part to preserve the freedoms that so many have given their lives for.

Sheriff Terry L. Thompson


Law Enforcement Experience

Weber County Sheriff – elected 2010, entered Office of Sheriff Jan 2011 to present

Community Leadership Committees/Contributions

  • Weber County Children’s Justice Center - Chair
  • Utah Sheriff’s Association - Secretary
  • Cottages of Hope
  • Your Community Connection / Prevent Child Abuse
  • Utah Coalition for the Protection of Childhood
  • Utah Council of Victims of Crime
  • Utah State Crime Lab Advisory Board
  • Utah Warrants Committee
  • Utah Violent Death Reporting System Committee
  • Utah Peace Officers Association
  • Utah 1033 Foundation Board of Advisors


  • Weber County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
  • Utah Sheriff’s Association
  • Western States Sheriff’s Association
  • National Sheriff’s Association
  • Law Enforcement Alliance of America
  • National Rifle Association
  • National Harley Owners Group
  • Northern Utah Harley Owners Group


  • National Society Sons of the American Revolution – “Law Enforcement Commendation Medal”
  • Utah Sheriff’s Association – “Utah Jail Commander Certification”
  • Business Leaders Against Organized Crime – “Medal of Honor”
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart – “Civilian Citation”
  • Safe Schools Forum – “Executive Officer”
  • Weber County Sheriff’s Office Community Resource Officer of the Year
  • Weber County Sheriff’s Medal
  • FBI Command College
  • Governor’s Top 20 / UPOA Competitive Shooting

Sheriff Accomplishments

  • Re-structure of City Contracts to reflect equity in services for all County residents
  • Trimmed Sheriff Budget in excess of 1 Million – returned to Tax Payers
  • Student/Safety & Protection – “Use of Force” Teacher Training to protect children in our schools
  • (RAD) Rape / Aggression / Defense – Protection, Confidence, and Empowerment training for Women
  • Real Victory – Cognitive Therapy for inmates transitioning back to the community
  • 24/7 – Alcohol & Drug Sobriety Success Program for Offenders
  • Preservation and Display of Weber County Sheriff’s Office History
  • Drug Awareness Car – Restoration of 1965 Ford Mustang

Leadership Rank & Responsibilities

Chief Deputy Enforcement Division
Responsible for managing $10,000,000 of the total Sheriff’s Office budget of $32,000,000, 120 employees, 8 Contract Cities, 23 schools, and providing quality law enforcement services to 60,000 Weber County residents.

Chief Deputy Corrections Division
Responsible for managing $22,000,000 of the total Sheriff’s Office budget, 280 employees, courts, 2 jail facility operations, 1100 offenders, and providing Correctional Facility Services for 235,000 Weber County residents.
Northern Utah Criminal Apprehension Team (NUCAT)

  • Sworn FBI Agent / Sworn US Marshal – Undercover Operations

Firearms and Deadly Force Instructor – Law Enforcement & Civilian

  • Establish Sheriff’s Office Tactical Patrol Rifle Program
  • Utah State Concealed Carry Permit Instructor
  • NRA Firearms Instructor

SWAT Tactical Team Operator – Ogden Metro SWAT Team
Lieutenant – Operations Bureau North Precinct Commander
Sergeant – Operations Bureau Administrative Duties
Sergeant – Operations Bureau Plain City Precinct
Sergeant – Judicial Bureau Court Administrator
Sergeant – Operations Bureau Patrol Enforcement
Detective – Investigations Bureau
Deputy Bailiff and Security – Judicial Courts Bureau
Uniform Patrol Deputy – Operations Bureau
Corrections Deputy – Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office


721 West 12th Street
Ogden, Utah 84404

Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Excluding Holidays

Lobby Hours
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Daily
(Holidays 4:00 to 9:00 PM)

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