Mission Statement

Community protection through incarceration of offenders and may be supplemented by the opportunity to provide limited correctional programming which may be available through various correctional and non-correctional means, including: 1. Community education programs; 2. Treatment programs; and 3. Other programs designed to facilitate a more successful re-entry to the community.

Facts of Interest

Total Projects/Construction Budget (approx.): $25 million
Total Corrections Area: 148,000 sq.ft.
Total Number Pods: 4 Pods
Cell Dimensions: 6'x13'10"
Total Number of Beds: 888 Beds
Total Number of Cells: 232 Cells
Total Number of Cell Beds: 464 Cell Beds
Total Number of Dorm Beds: 424 Dorm Beds
Number of Annual Bookings (approx.): 15,000 Bookings
Total Corrections Staffing: 220 Employees
Number of Meals Served Annually (approx.): 876,000 Meals

Kiesel Facility

Total Number of Beds: 300 Beds