Inmate Services Bureau

Inmate Property

During incarceration, an inmate is issued clothing, bedding, and personal hygiene items. Generally, clothing is exchanged twice per week, and bedding is exchanged once per week.


Medical staff is on duty 24 hours per day.

Inmate Library

A library is available to inmates. If an inmate's classification prohibits visiting this library, books are taken to him/her. Donated books for inmates' use are accepted at the jail reception area Monday through Friday.

Inmate Trust Account

Friends and family members may deposit money into the Inmate Trust Account, also known as an inmate’s “books”. This money may be deposited at the kiosk in the jail lobby during reception hours in the form of cash or credit card. The lobby hours are 8am to 9pm every day, excluding holidays.

Money may also be deposited online at or by phone at 1-888-277-2535.

The pay location code (PLC) for Weber County is 5500.

Processing fees will be applied for all inmate deposits.


Inmates may purchase approved commissary items once per week by using the money in their Inmate Trust Account. Approved items may include personal hygiene items, candy, snacks, and other various items.

Inmate Mail

Inmates may receive mail.  Mail must come through the U.S. Postal Service and will not be accepted at the lobby window.  Only white, prestamped or metered postcards will be accepted.  Mail sent in envelopes or with pictures or adhesive stamps will be returned.  Photographs are accepted ONE time per inmate, with a total of up to five (5)photos, no larger than 4x6.  No letters may be sent in with photos. 

Send mail to:

Inmate's Name
PO Box 14000
Ogden, UT 84412

Legal Access

Incarcerated individuals have the right to legal access. A private attorney may be hired, or a public defender may be appointed by the Court, if eligible, prior to arraignment.


Telephones are in each housing unit for inmates to make outgoing pre-paid or debit phone calls. Incoming calls are not accepted. Inmates may also transfer funds from their commissary account to make telephone calls.

OffenderConnect is a deposit service for you to set up a telephone account.

If an individual wishes to deposit money on a phone account, he may do so by using the services offered through OffenderConnect. There are two easy ways to use Offenderconnect: Online: OffenderConnect (click on this link) and Telephone payment: 1-800-483-8314.

Emails are accepted for inmates. These may be sent at Emails are printed and delivered once per day, Monday-Friday. Applicable fees apply.


Board games and table games are available in housing units with appropriate classification. Outside recreation is available for each housing unit.

Inmate Grievance System

Inmates may utilize a grievance system while incarcerated to file complaints that directly concern them.

Inmate Disciplinary

The Weber County Jail has rules that inmates must follow. If an inmate violates facility rules, he/she may be charged with the violation. An Inmate Disciplinary Hearing Officer (IDHO) judges these complaints in an administrative due process hearing. If the inmate is found guilty, the IDHO may impose a sanction on the inmate, which may include loss of visitations, loss of commissary, punitive isolation, and/or payment of restitution.

The Weber County Jail contracts with an outside vendor for inmate meals.

Inmate Workers

When an inmate has the appropriate classification, he/she may apply for the privilege of working within the facility. Inmates may be paid a small hourly stipend. Some examples of the jobs available are: Culinary Workers, Librarian, Custodial Services, and Laundry Services.