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Weber County Corrections
Jail Investigations:

There are two full-time investigators and one part-time investigator assigned to the Corrections Investigations Unit. These investigators are the Criminal Intelligence Unit. This job entails investigating gangs, assaults, drug offenses, thefts, criminal mischief crimes committed by the inmates at the 12th street and Kiesel Correctional Facilities. The investigators also file warrants of arrest for work release inmates, community service inmates and furloughed inmates who fail to return to the Weber County Correctional facility as scheduled.

One investigator works a collateral assignment with a state intelligence unit to obtain intelligence information for deputies. The other investigator works a collateral assignment with the Joint Terrorism Task Force and Homeland Security to obtain intelligence information for deputies. The part time investigator works a collateral assignment with the Ogden Metro Gang Unit. Gangs are a growing concern in Weber County. Gang intelligence information obtained in the Correctional Facility is useful for investigations inside the jail and to outside agencies. The investigators use jail intelligence information to document inmates as gang members. The investigators assist all outside city, county, state, Federal agencies and the Weber County Attorney's Office with inmate intelligence information to assist those agencies in ongoing investigations. Intelligence information gathered by the investigators from inmates has been very invaluable to agencies investigating cases and prosecuting attorney's to prosecute cases.

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