Community Emergency Response Team


It is the mission of the Weber County CERT Council to support and further the CERT program throughout the County by coordinating, unifying, and extending training to the citizens of Weber County enabling them to prepare today for tomorrow's emergencies.


It is the vision of the Weber County CERT Council, that all jurisdictions in the County have CERT programs and become active members of the Council. In this manner, the Council members can draw from each other's strengths to better prepare their own communities and support the program in a wholistic approach rather than splintered efforts. CERT Council members would be able to centralize and combine many individual efforts and thus enjoy greater benefits to the community through cooperation and collaboration


It is the goal of the Weber County CERT Council to coordinate, unify, and extend training throughout Weber County by:

1) Support and oversee the 10 Casualty Collection Points in Weber County.

2) Combine training and or exercises where feasible and practicable.

3) Develop a county-wide roster data base and web-site.

4) Develop a county-wide CERT email, notification and contact system.

5) Support jurisdictional trainings with manuals, instructors and logistical support.

6) Extend CERT training to all jurisdictions, agencies, private industry, schools and cultures.

7) Maintain CERT specific identification and uniforms on a county-wide basis thus enabling the CERT program in Weber County to become a seamless resource.

8) Obtain and/or develop CERT protocols (field guide) for Weber County.

9) Assist all jurisdictions in Weber County to organize teams and or councils in support of their respective CERT programs.


Tammy Folkman



Membership of the Weber County CERT Council is at present, constituted by the following entities in Weber County:

Harrisville City

Huntsville City

Marriott Slaterville City

North Ogden City

Ogden City

Plain City

Pleasantview City

Riverdale City

Roy City

South Ogden City

Washington Terrace City

Weber County

Weber State University

West Haven City