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Weber County Corrections
Emergency Management Plans

The following plans are available upon request. Contact the office directly if you are interested.

Hazard Analysis

Basic County EOP

Policy Group SOG’s

Coordination/Operations Group SOG’s

Medical Disaster Plan

Field Operations Manual – General

Rapid Assessment Plan

Sheriff’s ARES Communications Team Plan

Field Operations Manual – Commo Team

Individual Assistance/Public Assistance Handbook

Y2K Operations Plan

Energy Crisis Plan (not promulgated – draft)

Hazmat Task Force Response Plan

Golden Spike Center Emergency Plan

WCSO Mobilization Plan

UTABA Dam Emergency Action Plan (not promulgated – draft)

WCSO Facility Emergency Plan

Weber Center Emergency Plan

Joint Information Center/Joint Information System Plan

Respiratory Protection Plan

Mitigation Plan

Regional Homeland Security Plan

County Homeland Security Plan

Regional Hazmat Response Plan

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