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Weber County Corrections
Hazmat Task Force

Mission Statement

The Weber County Hazmat Response Task Force is a group of designated individuals from public safety agencies who are dedicated to serving our communities and protecting the environment through prevention, preparedness, and efficient and effective response to Hazmat incidents, whether accidental or intentional.



The vision of the Weber County Hazmat Response Task Force is to cooperatively identify and resolve issues regarding the planning, training, and preparation for, and response to hazardous materials incidents that are most likely to occur within Weber County. All public safety participants agree that efficiency and effectiveness can only be achieved when jurisdictional issues, turf, and stand-alone effort are set aside and cooperation, collaboration and partner shipping are implemented. All participants to this plan value this forum that allows for addressing each other's issues and concerns.

Task Force Composition

The Weber County Hazmat Response Task Force is comprised of over 27 technicians, 6 special-operations, and more than 200 operations-trained personnel. These personnel come from various agencies and disciplines. These disciplines include:

  • Firefighters
  • EMT's/Paramedics
  • Sheriff's Deputies
  • Forensic Science Investigators
  • Law Enforcement SWAT Team Members
  • Narcotics Officers
  • Environmental Health Officers

Operations Level Training for all agencies is included, with extensive Technician Level training for select members of the team including product detection, identification, and classification.

The Task Force is comprised of specially trained team members from throughout the county. The Task Force's operational mission upon deployment is to Isolate, Notify, Protect, Control, and to Recover From/Terminate the hazardous materials incident.


The Task Force, through local donations and grants, has obtained necessary equipment to support an incident involving a hazardous materials response. Equipment is strategically placed throughout the county to provide timely response. These multiple staging locations also protect the entire cache from being lost due to disaster or deliberate attack.

The Task Force equipment list includes: Multiple Decon Showers; Level A, B, and C Suits; Gas Meters; Photo Ionization Detectors; Hazmat Kit; Enhanced SCBA and APR's; Containment and Plugging Supplies; PPE; Enhanced Communications and Sampling Supplies.

Hazmat Task Force Agency Membership

The Weber County Hazmat Response Task Force would have never been a possibility without the complete support of the many cities, jurisdictions, agencies, and private industry partners throughout Weber County. These key members of the Task Force are critical to the survivability and operational effectiveness of the Task Force. Agency Task Force Membership includes:

  • Ogden City Fire
  • Weber-Morgan Health Dept.
  • South Ogden City Fire Dept.
  • North View Fire District
  • Weber County Sheriff's Office
  • Weber Metro Crime Scene Unit
  • Weber County Emergency Management
  • Weber Fire District
  • Riverdale City Fire Dept.
  • Roy City Fire Dept.
  • Ogden Metro SWAT
  • Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force

721 West 12th Street
Ogden, Utah 84404

Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Excluding Holidays

Lobby Hours
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Daily
(Holidays 4:00 to 9:00 PM)

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