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Weber County Corrections


In 1992, a multi-agency crime scene investigation unit (CSI), was approved and implemented within Weber County. Originally, the Weber Metro Crime Scene Investigation Unit served ten agencies throughout Weber County. An Executive Advisory Board was established to delineate powers and authorities.

Most small communities do not have the manpower or expertise to properly process crime scenes. Even larger agencies find that running a crime scene investigative unit is very costly. By pooling funds, the cost of expensive equipment for crime scene investigation can be divided among the various involved agencies. Several non-sworn personnel were also hired to staff the unit.


The CSI unit now supports fifteen cities and all law-enforcement agencies found throughout Weber County. In addition, we assist federal, state, and surrounding city and county agencies upon request.


The goal of CSI operation is to provide maximum technical assistance using leading forensic innovations, equipment, and training. Continuous developments in technology and methodology make constant training imperative. Some of the areas of training include:

  • Fingerprint courses
  • Latent fingerprinting
  • Photography
  • Homicide and death investigations
  • Blood-stain pattern training
  • Forensic image enhancement


Requests for CSI unit service have increased 35% from 1995 to 2001.

Here are some photos taken from a few of our assignments:


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