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Weber County Corrections
Homicide (W.M.H.T.F.)

The Weber-Morgan Homicide Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional group of police officers who work under the command of the investigators from the Weber County Attorney's office. Working together, they assist in the successful investigation of all suspicious deaths and the prosecution of homicides committed in Weber and Morgan Counties. The primary purpose of the Task Force is to provide personnel and specific resources for the effective investigation and prosecution of homicide. The Task Force also investigates in-custody deaths and officer involved shootings.

When an incident occurs, the police agency involved contacts the Task Force Commander and together they decide what, if any, additional resources or detectives to assign to the case.   With the first 12 hours of such an investigation being the most critical and manpower intensive, the value of the task force is in the additional manpower, resources and experience being available to agencies which may be limited in these resources.

The Task Force is committed to training the Weber and Morgan County law enforcement officers in contemporary investigation and prosecution techniques.




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