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Weber County Corrections
Judicial Services

The Judicial Services Bureau provides security for the Second District Court and the Second District Juvenile Court facilities. This service includes: court bailiff, building security, as well as the safety and security of thousands of visitors that enter these facilities each year.

Bailiffs are assigned to each court room. Each Bailiff is responsible for providing security inside the court room and insuring court room decorum is appropriate. This includes protection for the thirteen judges and two commissioners as well as all court employees, and the public.

Security deputies are assigned to the front door detector screening and to the prisoner holding areas. These deputies have the daunting task of searching the person entering the court facility and their belongings, as well as, maintaining security of the prisoners awaiting court proceedings.

During 2010 there were approximately 70,000 visitors to the Second District Court building with over 6000 prisoners passing through the prisoner holding areas during the year…


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