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Weber County Corrections
Marine Patrol

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol was initiated on July 1, 2002, and provides law enforcement for Pineview Reservoir. The three-team unit consists of two deputies and one sergeant. Additional duties include educating the public on boating laws, assisting stranded boaters, patrolling swim areas, enforcing BUI laws, issuing warnings and citations on boating violations, investigating criminal complaints, boating accidents, and assisting other deputies on foot patrol on the beaches of Pineview.

The Marine Patrol season on the lake begins as early as April and continues through early October. The deputies work in cooperation with the US Forest Service, who manages a large portion of the land around the lake, as well as with the Utah State Fish and Game Division.

Pineview Reservoir is located 15 miles East of Ogden City nestled in a mountainous area and is a favorite for many, even as far away as Salt Lake City. The Reservoir was built in the late 1930's and covers approximately 2300 square acres. The reservoir provides irrigation water to areas of Weber, Davis, and Box Elder Counties.

The area surrounding the lake is very beautiful. To the south, you can see the slopes of Snowbasin, where the Super-G men and women's downhill was held during the 2002 Winter Olympics. The lake is surrounded by the small community of Huntsville. Cemetery Point is a favorite location for many visitors. It is a peninsula of land that extends into the water and there is indeed a cemetery on the peninsula, which is hidden in a grove of pine trees. To the south side of the cemetery, barbecue facilities, picnic tables, large trees for shade, and swimming areas are available with a large amount of beach area. Pineview has a variety of different types of fish in its waters, from small- and large-mouth bass to crappie, perch, trout, and the tiger musky.

On any given weekend, the area attracts up to 25,000 people that come to the lake to either swim, fish, boat, picnic, water-ski, or camp at nearby facilities. The lake is a limited at any given time to 350 boats or less. By late August, the water-level drops and the number of boats allowed is decreased to around 200.

The goal of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol is to provide a safe and friendly experience for all that come to enjoy Pineview Reservoir.


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