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Weber County Corrections
Search and Rescue
What is Search and Rescue and Why is There a Need?

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Search and Rescue is a volunteer organization assigned to assist the Weber County Sheriff's Office with calls for help throughout Weber County.

By Utah State law, the Sheriff of each county is responsible for search and rescue of missing, lost, stranded, or injured citizens. The Sheriff of Weber County assigns three deputies as liaison officers to oversee and manage search and rescue in Weber County.

Each year, twenty to thirty calls for help are directed to search and rescue for their services. These may be in the form of stranded or injured climbers or hikers, missing children, hunters, snowmobilers, skiers, lost hunters, drowning victims, or downed aircraft. Weber County Search and Rescue responds to distress calls in all types of weather and all seasons.

How Did SAR Begin in Weber County?

Search and Rescue began in Weber County around 1945 with the start of the Sheriff's Mounted Posse. The posse was organized during World War II as a homeland guard to help search and defend the county during wartime.

In 1956, with the development of 4X4 vehicles, the Jeep Patrol was established to assist the Mounted Posse. Since then, many other groups have been formed such as the Underwater Recovery, Mountain Rescue, Technical Climbers, K-9 Rescue, Winter Rescue, and the Extreme Team. Today, Search and Rescue is organized as one dedicated, well-trained organization with members cross-trained in all aspects of search and rescue.


Search and Rescue operates through a small budget based on Weber County funds. The largest source of funding is obtained using fund raisers and generous donations.

For additional information, please visit the Weber County Search and Rescue Web site , maintained by Weber State University.

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