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4-10-2013 -- Increase in Burglaries

Dear Citizens,  

We are currently seeing a high increase in vehicle burglaries throughout Western Weber County.  Most of the vehicles have been left unlocked with valuables left in sight.  It is important to remember to safeguard your homes and vehicles against possible break-ins as warmer weather approaches.  Typically as the temperature rises, so do the number of reported property crimes.

Most burglaries and thefts are crimes of opportunity.  The perpetrators usually look for easy targets and items such as purses, book bags, and electronics (laptops, iPods, cell phones, ect.).   By removing these valuables from your vehicle when it is not in use, it will make it less enticing to thieves who may be looking for an easy score. 

Although it may not guarantee that your vehicle will not be broken into, always roll up the windows, lock the doors, and never leave the keys inside.  By taking a just a few preventive measures, you will minimize your chances of being victimized. 

Also, the Sheriff’s Office asks that you immediately report any suspicious activity.  If you observe unfamiliar individuals wandering your neighborhood, or juveniles walking around the streets late at night, please contact the Weber Consolidated Dispatch Center at (801)629-8221.

Many break-ins do occur in the late hours of the night; however, occasionally there are individuals who commit burglaries during the daytime.  It is sometimes very difficult for law enforcement to apprehend these criminals without the help of the citizens in our communities.

Thank you for your support, and hopefully we can all have a safe and wonderful summer!

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office

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