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Weber County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014


West Weber – At 1045 hours this morning, deputies responded on a burglary-in-progress call in the area of 3700 W. 1400 S.  A 13-year girl had called 911 to report that, “men were trying to break into their house.”

The caller reported seeing the suspects come to the front door, but she didn’t answer because her parents were not home.   The suspects then tried to gain entry into the house by kicking the door.  The girl grabbed her little sister and retreated to a bedroom where she called 911.

The suspects were eventually able to get into the home by breaking through a side door.  The victim remained on the line with emergency dispatchers as the suspect rummaged through several rooms.

The first responding deputy on-scene saw the male suspect leaving the home and get into a vehicle in front of the residence.  The car attempted to drive away but was stopped a short distance away by the deputy.

Other deputies arrived and were able to make contact with the two children who were not harmed during the break-in.

The suspects, Robert Keith Paul, 50 YOA of Roy, and Amy Nicole Hulse, 31 YOA of Ogden, were interviewed by detectives and subsequenly booked in the Weber County Jail on the charges of Felony 2, Residential Burglary, and Theft.  Paul was also charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Some stolen property was recovered and returned to the owners.  It is believed the crime was random and not directed at this specific family.  The suspects appeared to be casing the area looking for houses to burglarize where they didn’t think anyone would be home.

Parents should be reminded to talk with their children about proper safety techinques and teach them what to do in the event of such an occurrence.  Children should be counseled to make sure all perimeter doors and windows remain locked when they are home alone.  They should also have access to a cell phone to be able to contact authorities in the case of an emergency, and they should be told not to hesitate to call 911 if something isn’t right.  The courageous actions of the 13 year-old girl in this case probably prevented the situation from becoming much worse.

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