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Weber County Corrections
Civil Bureau

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office provides service for all types of civil process. However, we cannot provide forms or legal advice for civil process.  The Utah State online court assistance program provides detailed information that answers frequently asked questions and also outlines links and forms to assist with obtaining the civil process paperwork to be served (including evictions). See
Utah State Statute allows for the Weber County Sheriff’s office to receive fees for process services. The amounts are governed by code 17-22-2.5 UCA. The amount charged is determined by the type of process plus mileage.

General Service Fees $20.00 (each defendant) plus mileage (see below)
Includes the service of:

  • Garnishment
  • Garnishee Order
  • Notice
  • Order
  • Out of State papers (plus notary fee)
  • Request for Hearing
  • Subpoena
  • Summons
  • Summons and Complaint
  • Summons and Petition
  • Sheriff’s Deed
  • Trustee Sale (per posting)

Service of Writs, Orders, Attachments, and Executions $50.00 (each defendant)
Includes the service of:

  • Attachment on Personal Property
  • Executing an order of arrest (Bench warrants)
  • Executing an order for the delivery of personal property
  • Writ of Assistance
  • Writ of Possession
  • Writ of Replevin
  • Writ of Restitution

Mileage Fees $2.50 per mile
Includes the service of:

  • Miles traveled one way for service (starting address is the Ogden Second District Court)
  • Miles traveled one way for service plus two additional attempts (if required)

Miscellaneous Process and Maintenance Fees
Includes the service of:

  • Notary Fee $5.00
  • Copies $0.50 per page

Deposits required for process service

  • Real Estate: Executions and Order of Sale $600.00
  • Personal Property: Executions and Order of Sale $450.00

*Deposit includes service of: Writs, Posting notices of sale, Publication, Commissions, and Certificates of sale.
Fees will be billed or reimbursed for any difference.
Prepayment is required on all types of service including three trips for mileage. The Sheriff’s Office will refund services and mileage fees that are not utilized during the service.

Protective Orders
A protective order is a civil order that provides protection from a current or former dating partner, a member of your household, or someone you have a child in common with. To obatin a protective order, you must contact the court

There are two types of protection orders. The first is called an ex parte protective order, which is designed to give you immediate protection. The second type is called a protective order.

An ex parte protective order is designed to temporarily protect you from the abuser until you can have a court hearing for a full protective order. Ex parte means that your abuser is not present when your petition is presented to the judge, and does not have to know that the order has been requested.  A judge will grant you an ex parte order if he/she believes that you are in danger of immediate harm. If the judge grants an ex parte protective order, he/she will set a date for a hearing within 20 days after the order is issued. If the judge does not grant you an ex parte order you can still request to have a hearing for a protective order within 20 days.

A protective order can be issued after a court hearing in which you and the respondent have a chance to address the court. The only requirement is that the respondent has notice of the hearing. If he/she decides not to attend, a full protective order can still be granted by the judge.
Ex Parte and Protective Orders must be served by a law enforcement officer or the issuing court. ANY Law Enforcement Officer can and is required by statute (30-6-4.2(8)(b)(i)) to serve an Ex Parte' and/or Protective Order issued under the Co-habitant Abuse Act.

If you do not qualify for a domestic violence protective order, you may be able to get a stalking injunction Ex Parte Civil Stalking Injunctions

Orders issued in STALKING cases, as defined in Section 76-5-106.5 (UCA). These are orders allowing for the restraining of the respondent (suspect) from the area(s) occupied and frequented by the petitioner (complainant) and other related persons deemed at risk by the court. The order may also enjoin the respondent from committing stalking.

Ex Parte Civil Stalking Injunctions are issued without notice to the defendant (respondent). The respondent may request a hearing after being served.

Ex Parte Civil Stalking Injunctions must be served by a law enforcement officer. ANY Law Enforcement Officer can serve an Ex Parte Civil Stalking Injunction within 90 days of date of issue.

*The Weber County Sheriff’s Office does not charge a fee for the service of protective orders*

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