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Weber County Corrections


All property and evidence submitted to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office Property and Evidence Room is maintained securely.   The entire process is documented in a way that is sufficiently accurate and complete to satisfy any court which has reason to examine the process.
The Property and Evidence Managers major responsibilities are to receive, store, and release or dispose of all incoming property, and to maintain a proper chain of custody.
Property and Evidence in our custody is held for the following reasons:

  • Evidence in criminal cases
  • Safekeep
  • Found/Abandoned Property
Property is released only to the legal owner of the property or their designate and by appointment only.  If property is being held as evidence in a criminal case, it cannot be released without a release order submitted by either the city attorney or prosecuting attorney, depending on which court is handling the case.  This is usually done 30 days after sentencing. 
Found property is held for 90 days with a reasonable effort made to find the identity of the owners.
Personal property for safe keeping will be held for 90 days.
Citizens looking for "lost/found" property can also check the Weber County Sheriff’s Office facebook page.
To claim property you believe our department has in our possession, please call the Weber County Sheriff’s Office Property and Evidence Room at 801-778-6656.  Hours for release are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, by appointment only.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Drug Drop Off Boxes

In a joint effort with Weber Human Services and the Weber-Morgan Health Department, this collection and disposal program provides an environmentally safe alternative to disposing of medications in the landfill systems, which may later negatively affect the environment.  This program also encourages citizens to remove their unneeded medications from their homes.  This reduces access to addictive medications for accidental or intentional misuse or children in the home.
We have three drug drop off box locations in Weber County:

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Lobby
721 W 12th St
Ogden, UT  84404

Farr West City Office
1896 N 1800 W
Farr West, UT  84404

Marriott-Slaterville City Office
1195 W 400 N
Marriott-Slaterville, UT  84404

721 West 12th Street
Ogden, Utah 84404

Business Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Excluding Holidays

Lobby Hours
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Daily
(Holidays 4:00 to 9:00 PM)

Tip Line