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Weber County provides waste disposal services to all business's and residents of Weber County. Since the closure of the west Ogden A Avenue landfill in 1998 most waste has been processed through a transfer station, containerized, and shipped out of the County to a regional landfill. Initially this was done by rail haul to a facility in Sunnyside, Utah (near Price) owned by East Carbon Development Corporation. In 2006 rail operations were converted to Trucking and waste was shipped to a Republic Waste owned facility in Tooele County west of the Great Salt Lake.

Weber County started a green waste facility at the Central Weber Sewer plant in 1999. This process helps the County by diverting material from the landfill that can be made into several usable garden products and sold to the community, It also helps the Sewer District by speeding up the process required to stabilize the Bio-solids produced by the treatment plant. Weber County sells a variety of products from colored wood chips, to fine screened premium compost.

In 2002, Weber County and Ogden City worked together to provide a curbside program that would be capable of providing a centralized facility to facilitate local recycling options. Since that time curbside recycling has grown to include: Far West, Harrisville, Plain City, Pleasant View, Roy, Washington Terrace, Uintah and Huntsville. North Ogden and South Ogden were already providing services and continue to bring their recyclables to the Weber/Ogden Recycling Facility.

Federal Regulations regarding landfills forced the closure of the west Ogden landfill in 1997. In 2005 Weber County opened a landfill gas collection system that compresses the methane gas and feeds a one megawatt electric generation facility. Though this facility is not generally open to the public, the public benefits from the power generation and the collection of gas that otherwise would be dispersed into the atmosphere. This project generated over 4.8 million Kilowatts of electricity in 2011.

Though the County does not have a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Weber County, a Construction and Demolition Facility was successfully opened in Western Weber County. This facility is mainly designed for large capacity trucks and commercial haulers. Much of the construction and demolition material coming to the transfer station can now be diverted using larger trailers.

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