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May 6, 2014

Shingo Prize Awarded to Barnes Group's Ogden Division

Ogden – The Shingo Institute, part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, has awarded Barnes Aerospace, Ogden Division, a business of Barnes Group Inc., with the Shingo Prize. Barnes Aerospace Fabrications specializes in the fabrication and assembly of high temperature alloy, complex airframe and engine components with particular expertise in superplastic, hot and cold forming, welding, milling and cutting technology. “When an organization receives the Shingo Prize, it is a symbol of their successful creation of a culture anchored on principles of excellence–principles such as respect, humility, the quest for perfection, the flow of value to the customer, etc.,” said Robert Miller, executive director at the Shingo Institute. “Performance is measured both in terms of business results and the degree to which business, management and work systems are driving appropriate and ideal behaviors at all levels. Ultimately, these are some of the best organizations in the world.” As a part of its improvement efforts, Barnes Aerospace Fabrications, Ogden Division has experienced a number of significant achievements including 950,000 hours worked without a lost time accident, a 53-percent reduction in scrap and rework as a percentage of sales, a 55-percent lead time reduction, a 28-percent increase in on-time delivery and an increase in new product introduction on-time delivery from 74 percent to 100 percent. The site has received numerous awards prior to the Shingo Prize including the Utah Manufacturers Association’s Manufacturer of the Year award as well as the Quality Management System Award in 2013, the Utah Manufacturing Association and Utah Labor Commission Workplace Safety Award for Outstanding Safety in 2012 and the Shingo Silver Medallion in 2011. Organizations that apply for a Shingo award are evaluated by professionals and trained examiners to thoroughly review their culture and operations. The examiners evaluate the challengers based on a rigorous set of standards and the Shingo Institute awards the organizations according to their assessment results.