Weber County

Weber County Weed Abatement Home Page

Welcome to the official web site for the Weber County Weed Department. It is our primary intention to illuminate the many ways that weeds impact our lives here in Northern Utah, and what we can do together towards minimizing that impact.

Weber County is host to most of the weeds listed by the State of Utah as noxious. Because our county is so diversified, the way in which these weeds affect each land use here is also varied as is the proper or acceptable method of dealing with a particular weed problem. Resembling a raging wildfire in many respects, these weed invaders left to their own ways will consume all that is good as they advance slowly but ever so surely across the land. Like an attack plan on a fire out of control, weed infestations cannot be stopped all at once. A suppression or control plan must be suited to the size of the problem.

A glaring difference between land overrun with weeds and land overrun with fire is that weed damaged land will not recover all by itself. However, as in the great Yellowstone fire, even when all is consumed and blackened, the land IMMEDIATELY starts a recovery process which will bring about near total rehabilitation. An example of human intervention in weed control is displayed here. Pictured below is a Weber County spray truck applying Tordon® to a wicked field of Canada Thistle in full bloom near Eden, Utah. No graphics manipulation here! The thistle is, or rather WAS ... just that healthy.


This same field, shown below and photographed 10/25/1999, is now 95% Canada Thistle free and full of native grasses. It is now part of the beautiful panorama that is the upper Ogden Valley and Pineview Reservoir. The Forest Service has expanded the nature trails facility bordering this now scenic meadow. Whether the grasses are green in the spring and summer or flaxen as they are here in the fall, the total outdoor experience at the nature trail is enhanced by the vista, rather than made less appealing by the noxious weed patch.


Not every weed infestation is this easily accessible nor treated in the same manner. What we hope to show in these pages are some of the different kinds of weed habitat both here in Northern Utah and around the country, how different organizations are dealing with weed issues and what your Weber County Weed Department is doing to meet our responsibility in the matter.

We also hope to impress upon you that effective weed control is a TEAM effort. EVERY person or land manager ..... EVERY municipality .... EVERY government entity responsible for a piece of ground is also responsible for weed abatement on that ground. An example of noxious weed neglect and the resulting environmental impact on neighboring public lands is the Browning Army Reserve ground next to the Weber County Fair Park in Harrisville. In the past, they have been asked by this office to take responsibility for their 20 or so acres of  noxious weeds. The person who could authorize clean-up at this site is not in Weber County, and is dealing with weightier matters lately to be sure, so nothing gets done.

The Weed Department will inspect, advise, assist, encourage, and as we have time and budget, will even apply the appropriate chemical for a price. You may find out more about your legal responsibility for weed control and just how weeds are harming our environment at the Noxious Weeds link.