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The Cutting Edge in Weed Science - News and Advancements

Biological Control practices in weed management are truly on the Cutting Edge of Weed Science, although they have been in place for several years now. Here in Weber County, we took the lead in having insects introduced on Purple Loosestrife, an invader in our wetlands.

James Barnhill from the USU Extension Office has really taken hold of this project and in the last four years has introduced 6 (?) species of host specific insects in Purple Loosestrife infested areas along the Weber River. Pictured to the right is one of the beetles, Galerucella calmariensis, that now inhabits the loosestrife population there.

For more detailed information, see the Purple Loosestrife bio-control page.

Knapweed infestations in the North Fork Environmental Center area have been on the cutting edge of biological control for several years. The results have been extremely satisfying and so successful that others are collecting live insects at this site for distribution in other counties and states. For a closer look into this continuing project, see the Knapweeds bio-control page.

Noxious weeds that respond well to biological controls and that have these kinds of insects and agents available are listed on the left menu of this page. As time goes on, we will add photographs of the resulting biological control activities right in our own "back yard" as well as around the country.

A leading authority in the science of biological weed control is Cornell University. They have a very informative web site dedicated to Biological Weed Control Agents of all types. The United States Department of Agriculture, APHIS is another good source of material on the subject.