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Which Weed Control Method and When

Chemical Control practices in weed management leave much room for discussion and personal choice derived from experience, cost, environmental considerations and degree of selectivity required. What is NOT open to discussion is the basic rule that once a herbicide has been selected, the label MUST be followed line by line! What we want to do in this section is point you in the right direction as you consider which product is best suited for your particular weed control job.

Choosing the correct herbicide is only part of any sought after success in eradicating a weed problem. Many other factors have bearing with regard to whether or not a particular herbicide works well. Most labels address such considerations as adjuvants, ambient temperature, soil composition, incorporation and water carrier quality. The Weber County Weed Department makes no claims or warranties as to the result you will experience in your use of any herbicide mentioned here. FOLLOW THE LABEL!

Weeds are listed below in alphabetical order and using their common name. This is only a small list of weeds, dealing with our noxious and invading species relevant to Northern Utah. Consult the Extension Service, a local nursery, home improvement center or herbicide manufacturer from our Links Page for the best way to treat your weed problem. Chemical control of the New and Invading weeds listed will be included with the specific page about that invading weed species. Once again, please ........ FOLLOW THE LABEL!