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New & Invading Weeds

|Black Henbane | Camelthorn | Dalmatian Toadflax | Goatsrue |
| Japanese Knotweed | Jointed Goatgrass | Poison Hemlock | Purple Starthistle |
| St. Johns Wort  | Silverleaf Nightshade | Squarrose Knapweed |

The weeds listed above are some that we believe will be trouble in the future. That fact alone makes them trouble right now! Each link will direct you to a photograph of the weed and some information regarding growth habit, impact, control and identification. In some cases, biological control is already being used on some of these weeds and a link there will direct you to the specific bio-control project for the species being discussed.

Japanese Knotweed in Weber CountyThe most recent of these alerts is Japanese Knotweed.  A notification of this developing problem was recieved in May 2006 by this office.  The Weed Board has found a dozen small infestations here in the county, and we suspect there are many more.   Please go to the link provided to learn more about Japanese Knotweed and why we think it is bad stuff.