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Utah Noxious Weed Act

Anyone in this or any related field will recognize the names of Dr. Jack Evans and Dr. Steve Dewey. They are on faculty at Utah State University, Department of Plants, Soils, and Biometeorology, Plant Science Division. Here is their informative and very well done web site.

The Weed Web is an ambitious project from USU Extension designed as an introduction to noxious weeds to include control methods, a color photo library of weeds, and help in identification of noxious weeds.

The State of Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry page. All the information you might want and need pertinent to pesticide licensing, Ag Field Reps, grain and hay inspection and a great deal more.

Cornell University is on the cutting edge of biological control (biocontrol) of weed pests in North America. This web site is also a tutorial on the concept and practice of biological control and integrated pest management (IPM).

Western Society of Weed Science is composed of weed science professionals that work in western North America to promote weed science research and education. Membership is open to anyone interested in those goals.

Some pretty good weed folks reside up in Wyoming, particularly in the Laramie area. The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council is but one gathering of good men and women with a lot of savvy when it comes to weed science.

weber river
The Weber River Cooperative Weed Management Area is comprised of local, county, state and federal agencies who's desire is to promote public relations, education and training in the noxious weed arena as well as coordination of weed control efforts and methods.
Noxious Weeds in Utah now benefit from their own Public Relations campaign.  Utah Ob-Noxious is placing radio information spots and billboards, and their website is very informative.
weed control
The Utah Weed Control Association is comprised of weed management professionals, industry representatives, county government and concerned citizens who meet as a body every March, and in smaller groups throught the year.
The University of Utah Extension Office is a diverse collection of resources touching most every area of our Utah lifestyle.  From Apple Pie to Zig-Zag stitching, they have it covered.  Oh, and they know all there is to know about weed control in your garden.
Herbicide Manufacturers
Du Pont Agricultural Products have always been in my chemical room from day one. Their web site is well done and worthy of some of your time.

Dow AgroSciences offers a full line of weed and brush control products for pasture and rangeland, as well as many fine crop protection herbicides.

Novartis was created by the merger of Ciba and Sandoz – the largest merger in history. The name "Novartis" comes from the Latin term novae artes or new arts and new skills.