Weber County Commissioners

        Matthew G Bell, Jan M. Zogmaister, Kerry W. Gibson

Weber County Commission

A County is a political division of government often considered the purest form of local representation. As a part of the State of Utah, Weber County is subject to all state laws enacted by the State Legislature. Through legislation, the County has been granted the authority to conduct the affairs of local government for the benefit of all persons within its boundaries

The Weber County Commission consists of three members elected at-large from the County. Two commission seats are elected at the same election, the other commission seat is elected two years later. All terms of office are four years. Commission seats must be filled through the partisan political system.

The County Commission form of government is somewhat unique in that the commissioners act as the legislative arm of this level of government, and then have to act as the administrative arm as well. This places great responsibility on an individual serving as a County Commissioner. Commissioners must develop policies for the County, and then administer the functions effected by those policies.

Commission Office Main Phone: 801-399-8406

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