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GIS Data & Maps For Purchase

The parcel base map is usually current as of one month prior to the current month.  The GIS Division is currently working with the Recorder's Office on updating all parcel splits and subdivisions as they are recorded.  The parcel basemap is updated on a daily basis.

Datasets Available & Pricing

Aerial Photography(Engineering Dept.)

All of the data or maps listed below must be prepaid in full.  Allow 1-2 days after ordering the data or maps for completion.

Parcel Base map

Digital copy of the entire county.

  • The digital base map data includes city boundaries, if requested, at no additional cost.
  • Additional data from our databases such as ownership, addresses, etc. will be an additional $50.
Centerline Coverage

Digital copy of the centerline coverage for the entire county.


Updates will be available on a monthly basis.

per update.
Custom Data and Other Coverages Available

Custom areas of the Parcel Basemap or centerline coverage and any other digital copy of data or database information.  Contact Us regarding other available coverages.

per hour to extract area. 1 hour minimum.

Data Formats

The Weber County GIS Division is an Arc/Info shop.   The primary format for all of our spatial datasets is the Geodatabase.  We usually export to an ESRI shapefile. The GIS Department also handles some tabular data.  This data is exported in formats such as .dbf, or ASCII Text .txt.

Data Standards

All of the GIS datasets are projected meet the following standards:

  • State Plane CoordinatesFipszone - 4301 - Utah North

    Datum - NAD83

  • Units - Feet

The GIS Department can project the datasets to another projection, i.e. UTM, upon request.  Contact us for available formats and projections.

Paper Maps Available - Click to Enlarge
Special Order Maps
Custom Maps are available upon request if available.  Price is dependant on size and programming time involved.  Fees are $50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum.  Contact the GIS Division to get an estimate of time involved. Contact Us
All of the maps listed below must be prepaid in full.  Please allow 1-2 days after ordering for completion.  
Please Note:  Previews and Maps may take a while to load.
County Base Map - 100 x 36

County Physical Feature Map  - 60 x  36

Street Guide  - 36 x 48 (Lower or Upper Valley)
FREE travel size also available

Street Map with Parcels - 36 x 48 (North or South)
Upper Valley North
Upper Valley South
upper north
upper south
Lower Valley North
Lower Valley South
lower north
lower south

City Map - 20 x 20 (Any city, but Ogden)
Ogden City Map

View PDF - 29 MB


Official Election Map

Legislative District Maps


All Districts Overview
(11 x 17) - $5.00

District 7 - PDF
District 8 - PDF
District 9 - PDF
District 10 - PDF
District 11 - PDF
District 12 - PDF
District 29 - PDF

Senate District Maps


All Districts Overview
(11 x 17) - $5.00

District 18
District 19 - PDF
District 20 - PDF

Weber County School Board Map

Zoning Maps - 24 x 36
Small Zoning Maps - 12 x 18